Rights Managed

Where can You Buy Rights Managed Images?

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Finding royalty-free images is moderately easy, thanks to the several stock photo agencies in the market. But, where can you buy their rights managed counterparts? Many stock photo agencies mainly work this type of license, as well. Among them is Getty Images, which is a great stock photo website and the most popular among creative professionals. It has a huge collection of high quality RM images at various styles and topics.

Getty Images has been a leading stock photo agency for 20 years. It has everything you need to jump-start and complete your creative projects. In fact, the stock site has millions of royalty-free and editorial images in its collection, which includes images of celebrities from concerts, awards nights, red carpets, and all kinds of environment. Plus, the images are exclusive to the agency’s library that means you have a higher chance of getting exclusive rights to your chosen images.

When can you use rights managed images?
Rights managed images are recommended for high-visibility usages. It is also recommended for uses where the image will be closely related to the product or service. Getting this type of license assures the exclusivity of the images, which is a key to grant the success of the visual association of the image to the product or service. More importantly, it lets you avoid conflicts with your possible competitors who are trying to copy your marketing campaign.    

What is the difference between royalty-free and rights managed?
Royalty-free allows you to use an image in any project for as long as you like. Also known as unrestricted content, a one-time fee is paid to the photographer by the image buyer, but multiple image buyers are possible with the transaction. The price of the image often depends on the size of the image or its resolution. You will get no exclusivity rights and the photographer might not know when, where and how his image will be used.

On the other hand, rights managed requires a license fee so you can use the image for a specific purpose. That licensing fee is based on usage, including type of media, duration of use, location and more. You can opt for exclusive rights with restrictions that apply based on the aforementioned factors.

Whether images will be used for commercial purposes or for editorial purposes, they need to be properly released. They need the right license to grant them with the proper rights according to their usage. Keep in mind the difference between royalty-free and rights managed so you will know which license best fits your creative needs. Although RM are more expensive than their royalty-free counterparts, they have a higher value. They ensure the success of the project in which they will be used.